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Guide to Private Tours in Vietnam A private tour is a good option since it is an exclusive one for you, your family, and your friends, with no other person who is not part of your group, included. Unlike an organized small group tour that is confined by time because it is organized to enable the entire mixed group to see as much sights as possible, a private tour in Vietnam allows you to be more flexible when it comes to the date of the tour since you do not have to rely on other tourists to jump in and join the group. In a private tour, the length of time of your stay can vary and you can pace your travel according to your own desires and also according to your own budget. Although it is much cheaper to join an organized small group tour, there will be many people sharing all types of accommodations and transportations while you are on tour with the other tourists in your group. There is really nothing wrong with joining an organized small group tour where you can meet new friends while travelling together, but some people prefer personal intimacy of the place and want to experience a more profound affair of each place that they visit. Since Vietnam is such a wonderful place with a lot of deep green valleys, and mountain ranges, hilly regions and great seas, a person in a private tour would be able to explore these attractions and have a deeply meaningful experience in these natural wonders. You can also embrace nature on solitary caves, fountains and lagoons in Vietnam with guided tours by yourself or together with your family or close friends. You can even have an opportunity to know about French colonialism opting for this customizable tour package.
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Since you can choose the type of accommodation and transportation for this private tour, although it is exclusive, it does not have to be expensive. You can even change the itinerary plan that you made prior to the tour and perhaps skip some activity or adding a new site that you want to visit instead, while you are already on tour.
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On a private tour you make your own decisions and you are not merely following what the organizers have planned for you. What this assumes is that every tourist will have something he prefers of his own. It also assumes that no amount of pictures or illustrations found on brochures and in websites can adequately describe what it is like than when you are there already. These private tours allow you to choose your own preferences if you are the type who don’t want to be bound by organized schedules.