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Better Than Cooking Over A Spit!

These days you will find that there a number of cooking utensils when it comes to cooking bacon. But not all can turn out great bacon. The microwave oven is the equipment which can be used for cooking bacon. Bacon can be cooked over the stove in a fry pan so that all the juices and fat that it contains helps to cook the meat by itself. Cooking this way over the stove slowly makes the bacon sizzle and gurgle while it cooks. Using the microwave oven to cook helps to cut out all that extra fat required for its cooking and turns out crispy ones. This is why microwave cooking of bacon is preferred by many.

Those people who prefer their bacon to be greasy can use the pan for cooking it. But those who are more health conscious would certainly prefer to have their bacon cooked using the microwave. There are also other ways in which you can have your bacon cooked using other types of cooking utensils which are now available in the market.

The different types of bacon cookers which are readily available in the market come in various shapes, sizes, designs and even prices. Try to get a bacon cooker that allows you to cook your bacon without causing any mess while it cooks in the microwave. These bacon cookers come in a variety of prices and it is up to each individual cook to choose one which fits their budget.

Bacon cookers can be used for a variety of cooking needs other than defrosting and warming. Bacon cookers like the presto brand helps to keep the flavor of the bacon intact while it helps to drain off the excess oil. We are all aware that oil is unhealthy and is not to be consumed and that’s why it is important that all the oil is drained out of the bacon before it is eaten during breakfast.

Another type of bacon cooking equipment, which is highly convenient helps to keep the bacon from rolling up preventing it from sticking together. Here the bacon is made to stand up instead of lying flat down which prevents it from rolling over the other pieces. The equipment is specially designed that it secures both the ends of the bacon piece and keeps the middle portion stretched making it ideal for the bacon to be cooked well. This way the cooked bacon presents a neat appearance when it is placed on the breakfast plate on the table in the morning. This is how restaurants cook their bacon.

Bacon is an important dish which is served at most breakfast tables and using bacon cooking equipment helps anyone to serve well cooked bacon for breakfast.


Tips on How to Choose Fresh Food Items

It is a good thing to follow a healthy diet but it is much better if you’re the one preparing the healthy dishes for yourself and for your family. Learning how to prepare delightful recipes is important especially for those people who want to enter the food business. It is not enough for you to taste the food but it is a must that you learn how they are prepared.

When you enter into the food business, you should be hands-on when it comes to managing and supervising your employees on how to properly handle and prepare each recipe that they will serve. This can help prevent the occurrence of food poisoning. Food poisoning is the common result of improper handling and preparation of food. Chefs should make it a habit to ensure that all the ingredients are safe to be used and that the cooking equipment and utensils are well-cleaned and properly stored.

Sea food is an example of food items that easily get spoiled. That is why it is advisable to inspect it thoroughly to be sure that it is fresh and that safe to eat. One important tip when buying sea foods is to purchase only from reputable stores or market. It is better if you buy from someone whom you trust. Check immediately the quality of the seafood and look for signs of spoilage. If you plan to buy crabs or lobsters, it would be best to choose the lives ones to ensure its freshness.

Another tip when buying sea food is to refrigerate it especially if you’re not going to cook it that day. This can help maintain the freshness although it Is suggested that you cook the seafood within 2-3 days.

For other fresh food items that you want to buy, it would be better if you ask the vendor or merchant as to where the food came from before deciding whether to buy or not. For those who want to buy meat, it is wise if you buy from reputable stores or vendors. You should also check the color of the meat. Fresh meat is usually red or pinkish in color. Another wise move is to check the license of the vendor or the business permit of the market and make sure that the meats they are selling were checked by authorized meat inspectors.

When it comes to cooking meats, meats differ on what temperature they should be cooked. You should know the recommended temperature for the meat before cooking it to ensure that bacteria and contaminants will get killed upon applying heat.

Cooked food should not be left on the table or in the counter but must immediately be placed in the refrigerator. Never allow the food left longer than 2 hours.


How to Select the Right Cooking Equipment

Like many folks, you may not realize what a difference cooking with first rate cooking equipment can make. The lowest priced cooking utensils and equipment might be great for initially keeping money in your pocket, but will probably take more money out as you replace your equipment, time and time again.

What can first rate cooking equipment do for your cooking? Here are a few ideas to help you determine what the best equipment is for you.

Know What Is Essential

Before you go shopping for your cooking utensils and equipment, it is important to first, determine what you really will use. Do you like to cook often? Is your lifestyle require elaborate main courses and desserts? These are questions you should ask yourself, to be able to decide on the type of cooking equipment that you will buy, in order to satisfy your own personal tastes.

Consider, a single parent family, with two teenage boys. The cooking will most likely be simple, healthy food, with only a few preparation steps, using large dishes and only a few utensils. Rarely, will this family likely ever need fancy cooking equipment, such as a melon scooper. However, a family that entertains their club group every month, would want to use specialized cooking sculpting tools and fancy serving dishes to impress their guests.

Watch The Chefs

If you see yourself cooking frequently, it is a good idea to check out what the professional chefs use. There are famous chefs that produce their own brand of cooking equipment. If you enjoy the dishes that they prepare, this may worth your while to consider purchasing. Then again, you have the option of trying a less expensive version of their specialized equipment first, to see if it works for you instead.

Foods That You Prepare

What kind of food do you end up cooking most of the time? The best equipment for you is determined by what food you regularly prepare. If you enjoy stir fry food, you will want to have a well designed wok, and the proper utensils to go with it. But, if baking is what you love, then some specialized, nonstick pans, and a standing mixer would better match your cooking style. By knowing what kind of cooking you will do the most often, can help you easily choose the valuable cooking tools and leave the other ones for another type of cook, no matter how trendy or latest high tech it may appear.

Seek Out Discounts

It is always great to get a discount. You should try to ask what is on sale or has a discount off its normal price, as much as possible. However, just because something is inexpensive, is not a good reason alone, to it buy it. Remember, that you are trying to find items that are fairly inexpensive and are still constructed with high quality materials.

For other helpful tips on how to select the top quality cooking equipment for your personal cooking style, you can purchase an e-book online that covers suggestions and instruction on how to become a successful cook. Your ebook should include ideas on what equipment to have in your kitchen and everything you ever wanted to know about cooking, along with those things that you never dared to ask about.


Three Essential Pieces of Chinese Cooking Equipment

In order to make good food at home, you have to begin by having sound fundamentals. As any chef or experienced home cook knows, having the right kitchen equipment makes all the difference in their final result. Give an amateur cook good pots, pans, and knives to use and his dishes will improve almost immediately. In the hands of a skilled culinary artist, these tools can be used to create magic on a dish. Below are some tools and Chinese cooking equipment that anyone aspiring to cook quality Asian food at home needs.

1. Knives
You knife is the most valuable tool that you have in your kitchen and is extremely important for cooking your favorite Chinese recipes at home. If you have ever looked at your favorite takeout dishes closely, you may have noticed that all the meats and vegetables inside of the dish have been neatly and precisely cut. Not only does a uniform knife cut make for even cooking, but the flavor and textures of food actually change depending on how you cut it. As a general rule of thumb, buy the most expensive knife that you can afford. High-quality knives will last longer, be easier to sharpen, and stay sharp longer. If given the option, choose forged blades over stamped blades because they are of much higher quality.

2. Wok
The next most important tool in your Chinese kitchen should be your wok. The wok is thousands of years old and is used because its shape is ideal for a multitude of tasks. You can perform practically every type of cooking technique in a wok, including braising, stir frying, deep frying, and steaming. When purchasing a wok for your home kitchen, you need to think about a few things. First of all, you need to choose the shape of your wok. Today, woks come in two main varieties. The first design is a traditional, curved shaped bottom wok. In order to sit securely on your stove, you will need a heat ring, a cylindrical ring upon which the wok will sit. The negative side to using a heat ring is that your pan will be elevated from the heat source, meaning that you will not get the maximum temperature that you would if the pan was in direct contact with the heating element. Instead, most home cooks that want to fix Chinese cuisine should opt for a flat bottomed wok, which will sit snuggly on any cook top. Finally, you need to decide on the material used for the construction of the wok. Opt for high carbon steel woks of cast iron woks. Steel woks will heat up quickly and are easy to maneuver. Cast iron woks heat up slowly, but retain their temperatures for a long time. Having high cooking temperatures is essential for good results.

3. Rice Cooker
Rice is the stable grain of the Chinese table and every home cook that is serious about cooking Chinese food at home needs to own a rice pot. The reason for this is because of the convenience a rice cooker offers. Preparing rice in a regular saucepan on the stove can be quite perilous for the inexperienced cook. First of all, it is easy to mess up the proportions of rice to water with this method. Next, the rice can boil over the edge of the pot quite easily if you are not looking. Finally, you have to maintain a constant watch over the temperature to make sure that the rice is not sticking and burning to the bottom of the pot. A rice cooker solves all of these problems. Many models have convenient measuring guidelines to help you get the proportions right. Also, the heating mechanism inside of the rice cooker is designed to maintain the right temperatures throughout the cooking process. Finally, after the rice is done, the pot will automatically switch to warming mode, which prevents scorching and burning.

If you are serious about cooking Asian food at home, the wok, a good knife, and a rice cooker are essential Chinese cooking equipment for your kitchen. With these three items, you will have a solid base from which you can reach new culinary heights.